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About Us - Crossfit Farragut

About Us – Crossfit Farragut

Who are we? What is our makeup? What are we about? All of these questions are what drive us to be better everyday and to passionately live what we believe.

We are not the CrossFit Games, or CrossFit Games athletes.

We are not “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”.

We may do similar things or include those elements, but we are so much more than those things. So…who are we and what do we believe?

WE ARE A FAMILY, first and foremost. And we’re in this together. No matter where you are in your health, wellness and fitness journey, we’re all trying to do the same thing – get better. There is tremendous strength in numbers; and within those numbers there must be leadership…and that’s our job. Lead the family. Whether you’re a performance-driven Division 1 competitive athlete, a grandmother trying to play better/longer with grandchildren, a weekend warrior who wants to decrease their 5K time, or simply someone trying to look and feel better – this is the place for you. There is no judgment in our home, and you are always welcome to join.

WE BELIEVE IN HARD WORK, and exercises most similar to common situations and sport are the most potent and beneficial. We strive to find the best “bang for our buck”, but acknowledge there is no silver bullet or magic pill to make us look better and/or increase our health and fitness. All great achievements in life require enormous effort, and that instills a strong sense of value and self worth.

WE ARE A CATALYST FOR CRITICAL THOUGHT in how we make basic shapes, movement patterns and treat our bodies. We strongly encourage those in our family to think and apply what we teach beyond the four walls of our facility. The gym is a sterile, foreign environment, and we hope the principles taught here will snowball into a much larger initiative to sit, stand, walk, run, pick-up, throw, climb, carry and move better. Gymnastics, or understanding how to move our body through space, is absolutely fundamental. We aim to mature kinesthetic awareness and proprioception, ultimately developing a strong intuition on how to move naturally and organically, no matter where we find ourselves.

WE BELIEVE IN ENJOYING LIFE AND EACH OTHER. If you spend any time with us, you will quickly realize we are not a “no nonsense” type of place. We love having fun – at our gym, and out socializing with others. We work hard, and we play hard too…sometimes even harder! We aim to provide a ground for social interaction, fun and support, and facilitate opportunities to enjoy our fitness outside our four walls having fun, and even enjoy the adult beverage or two among friends and family.

WE BELIEVE IN THE UNPARALLELED VALUE OF STRENGTH. We prioritize building real, applicable strength, not unneeded bulk. “Muscle that goes, not muscle that shows”, ahhh yes – that old chestnut…but it is true. Strength directly benefits the other physical skills more so than any other. We believe in the amazing ability of Squats, Deadlifts and Presses to build foundational strength. We believe in the incredible beauty of the Olympic Lifts, and the incomparable nature of carry over to other physical movements. By prioritizing these things, we ensure a robust skill set within all our athletes.

WE ARE A SPRINGBOARD FOR MAKING BETTER DECISIONS throughout our daily lives. We have one hour a day, 5-6 days a week. We know how easy it is to mess up one hour a day with the other 23…so we inspire, coach and hold accountable (if desired!) proper sleep hygiene, dietary guidelines and life practices.

WE PLAY THE LONG BALL. Patience is a virtue, but unfortunately we live in a society that is built upon instant gratification. We’ve seen so many fastball plans fall by the wayside because it’s short-term ambition that isn’t calculated and programmed for sustainability. We are programming our goals, daily rituals and routines weeks, months and yes, even years, down the road with your best interest in mind. Trust us that we know what we’re doing. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and have had incredible success. We don’t care as much how you look and perform one month from now as much as we care about your long term progress. That is sustainable, life-changing growth.

And that is who we are. It is what we are about. It is what we believe and what drives us daily to move forward and to be the best that we can be.

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