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New Cycle for the Summer

Sooo, CBo – what is it you’ve been putting me through the last month or so? I’m sweating a lot, usually for a long time, and I’m suffering through some pretty rough stuff. What’s up, man?

I guess my explanation is a little overdue, so here it is in clear, concise fashion.

1. Build the aerobic base, and learn to grind (and maybe we’ll shed a few lbs along the way to look extra good for pool season)

2. Continue building more advanced gymnastic strength, and reinforcing good positions (looking to mature this more in fall/winter)

3. Keep our foundational strength through intensity (lower sets of small reps, heavy doubles/singles)

I really think our gym is at the point where it’s important to have the ability to settle into an unsettled feeling for a longer amount of time. Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, and not just for a 3-minute Fran (yeah right!). That’s the “grind” everyone talks about. It’s not something easily developed, and I think requires a certain amount of time exploring – and getting acquainted with – different intensity levels before we push further into the nooks and crannies of going hard within longer time domains. This irons out the nuances of how we can push ourselves for 15, 20, 25+ minutes without crashing.

We place a premium on intensity in our workouts, but understanding how to employ differing levels of intensity is key; especially in longer workouts. It’s easy to come out of the gates blazing on a 20-minute AMRAP and dominate the first 5, and suffer the last 15. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and being mindful of these things to increase/withdraw intensity as you move through workouts is paramount to finding this sweet spot for longer workouts. That’s the key to these grinders. Keep your mind sharp.

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